Awalé Resources

Diligent and Systematic Gold and Copper Exploration Company in Cote d’Ivoire

About Awalé Resources

short introduction

The story of Awalé Resources is one of diligent and systematic mineral exploration, with a primary focus on discovering large, high-grade gold and copper-gold deposits in Cote d’Ivoire.

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Company formation

our journey

The company’s journey began in December 2017 after the takeover of Mariana Resources (Mariana) by Sandstorm Gold Royalties (Sandstorm), resulting in the spin-out of Mariana’s Ivorian projects.

Sandstorm is still a cornerstone investor.

Mineral Exploration in Cote d’Ivoire

Initially, the company’s focus centered on the Bondoukou Project, but it later shifted to Odienné following the high-grade Empire and Charger discoveries. 

Ambitious, but Practical Approach

Our Approach

Awalé Resources has always maintained an ambitious yet practical outlook. It commenced its journey with three project areas (Bondoukou, Odienné, and Abengourou), emphasizing the exploration, assessment, and willingness to move forward, guided by the expertise of its technical team.

Exploration Projects

In line with this philosophy, the company dropped the Abengourou project in 2021 and shifted its flagship project from Bondoukou to Odienné in the same year, showing that we’re not drilling for the sake of drilling. We are here to make discoveries, and create value for all stakeholders alike.

Odienné Project Growth

Expanding Horizons

Awalé was an early mover in the Odienné district, initially holding 800km² in 2 permits.

Once Odienné’s potential became obvious, the company expanded its holdings to the current 2,4
62 km² across 7 permits, collectively referred to as the Odienné Project.

Joint Venture & Discoveries

Strategic Partnership

The company’s exploration success led to the formation of a fully funded earn-in Joint Venture with Newmont, covering the initial Odienné East and Odienné West permits.

Today, Newmont is not only a key shareholder of Awalé, they’re a committed partner who has fully funded our $3M-dollar, 5,000-meter 2023 exploration program. We expect them to fund a similar budget for 2024.

Remarkable Discoveries

To date, the Odienné JV has yielded three significant gold and gold-copper-silver-molybdenum discoveries, with Sceptre East and Charger showing substantial potential for growth through future discovery and resource development drilling.

Not only are we making discoveries, we’re also building a robust pipeline of high-quality targets while advancing toward resource development.

Resource Development

Awalé has made 3 remarkable discoveries to date, which are propelling us toward an exciting future. We’re strategically leveraging these findings to fuel resource development and a high-quality pipeline of drill targets.

The project also presents multiple pipeline prospects
exhibiting geochemical characteristics akin to Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) and intrusive related mineral systems.

Untapped Potential

Untapped Potential

Spanning 2,462 km2,, the Odienné Project remains largely underexplored, offering substantial upside potential.

Ongoing Exploration

The Odienné Project JV project forms a solid foundation for Awalé Resources to continue exploration in a pro-mining jurisdiction, promising significant potential for district-scale discoveries,


Our Commitment

In conclusion, Awalé Resources stands firm in its commitment to the creation of lasting value for our shareholders and the communities we work with though exploration excellence and responsible mining practices. 

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To learn more about our projects, collaborate, or make inquiries, please feel free to contact us.