Fostering a Culture of Corporate Social Responsibility and Health and Wellbeing of our People

Local Communities

We pride ourselves on being a responsible and conscientious contributor to the Odienné district. We understand the importance of engagement and collaboration with local stakeholders.

From the village & community level to the local prefectures, sub-prefectures, and institutions such as the Direction Generale des Mines et Geologie (DGMG), as well as departments of Agriculture, Forestry (SODEFOR), Gendarmerie, and Police, we have established strong connections and maintain transparency with all involved parties.

Open communication and active participation from the community are core values of our operational approach.

Local Economy

Our belief in the immense potential of the project area is reflected in our efforts to support the local economy.

Whenever feasible and practical, Awalé Resources sources materials locally and maintains a workforce that predominantly consists of talented Ivorian individuals, including both permanent and itinerant local employees.

Engaging with the local communities and backing their activities and celebrations, such as Independence Day, underpins our commitment to being an integral part of the greater community.

We extend our involvement beyond routine business operations, embarking on impactful community projects, which are selected through a community consultation process.

In Korondougou village, we have collaborated with the local community to repair classrooms, supply new furniture, and provide essential agricultural equipment like rice threshers and flour mills. These initiatives signify our dedication to the overall welfare and progress of the communities we work with.

Looking ahead, our commitment to community engagement remains steadfast. As we progress with exploration activities, we have identified potential projects for 2024, including a village water distribution initiative and various agricultural support ventures.

Our goal is to continually strengthen our relationship within the local community aiming to ensure mutual growth and prosperity.

Local Safety

Our sense of responsibility isn’t confined to the local domain.

At Awalé Resources, the health, well-being, and safety of our workforce are paramount. We invest in continuous education and training for our team, both internally and through external programs. This proactive approach ensures a culture of safety and high-quality exploration, maximizing our potential for success in all endeavours.

Awalé Resources is more than an exploration company; we are a dedicated partner, striving to integrate sustainability, community development, and safety into the core of our operations.

Through these principles, we aim to create lasting value for all stakeholders.